CMJ 2012 Music Marathon Preview


Having just spent the day scrolling down CMJ’s 2012 Music Marathon schedule (and it does require a full day), we decided we’d make it a little easier on folks by narrowing the list down to something manageable. Or something quasi-manageable. It’s a pretty ridiculous list. 

Over the next week, we’ll be blasting that day’s schedule and including breakdowns of all the must-sees. There are a lot and many are obvious enough. So we’re focusing on the not-so-obviouses. Stay tuned for that. 

But since this doesn’t start till tomorrow, we thought we’d start with the bulletpoints, in case this whole CMJ thing is a total mystery to you.

First, CMJ stands for College Music Journal. Now ya know. 

Second, the Music Marathon (the name of this thing, it’s not called a festival) has been going on since 1980. 

Third, this year’s Music Marathon hosts some 1,300 bands playing at over 80 venues across Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

How do you get tickets? You get them at this link, various levels and prices etc… 

What are the headliners? Hard to say. Some acts are pretty big and some quite small, but most rank shoulder-to-shoulder popularity-wise. The Walkmen, Kimbra, GZA, all kinda headliners but if you’re looking for headliners, CMJ probably isn’t your bag. A lot of the acts on the roster are self-submitted to the CMJ panels, hence the lineup.

When did this become a FAQ? Two questions ago.

Are there any AltarTV acts playing CMJ? Hell yeah! Savoir Adore, The Jezabels, The New Limb, Delicate Steve, The Last Royals, The Front Bottoms, Ambassadors, Find Vienna, American Royalty and more! (that means there’s one more we didn’t mention). In the meantime, check out AltarTV’s CMJ 2012 Music Marathon Playlist. 

Check back tomorrow and every day this week for our forecasts and go straight to the source at CMJ