CMJ Music Marathon: Day 1 Picks

Day 1 is here folks. Here are our picks. (AG is Alex Gordon, CC is Cliff Chien, AD is Alex Drizos) 

Foxes In Fiction

3PM @ Spike Hill, 186 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11211

Foxes In Fiction is the solo project of musician Warren Hildebrand. I wrote an article about FIF a few years ago when Hildebrand released his Hospital District/Static Cults 7”. I liked it enough, but sorta forgot about it not long after. Then, last year, “Static Cults” appeared on my shuffle and I gave it another shot. I was floored. “Static Cults” is a lengthy electronic longwinder, pulsing and droning in a lot of the ways we’ve come to expect from ambient electronic music. But much, much better, in ways that are hard to explain intelligently. 

Since then, his full length Swung From The Branches has become one of my favorite records. It’s a hazy, deceptively relaxing album, comforting and uneasy at the same time, the sort of music you want to write to (and I do, and am at this moment). Check out “Static Cults” and “15 Ativan” to start.

Foxes In Fiction plays Spike Hill in Brooklyn today at 3pm (though 3am would seem much more fitting).




8:50PM @ Littlefield, 622 Degraw St. New York, NY 11217

Cultfever is a duo from Brooklyn. NY. If you like Phantogram, Metric, or any female fronted synth act, you’ll dig this. And lucky for you, this is just the first of their multiple appearances at CMJ this year. For details on the others, go here. - CC


Savoir Adore

10:25PM @ Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette Street, NY, 10013

Okay, we’ve shown Savoir Adore a lot of love lately. With good reason. It started when they dropped by AltarTV in July and recorded “Loveliest Creature” for Unplugged and Unrehearsed. We were hooked. 

Savoir Adore is Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer, a duo of musicians with a knack for what is usually called fantasy-pop, or described with some combination of the words “whimsical” and “dreamy.” Whatever it is, it’s poppy and weird and adventurous and fun to listen to. If you check out our U&U episode of “Loveliest Creature,” be sure to check out the album version as well. It’s a nice introduction to the sort of variety these folks are capable of.

And, what do you know? Their latest album, Our Nature, came out today, so you know they’ll be in high spirits. It’s an album-release party, or might as well be. Check them out at Santos Party House tonight. -AG


Honorable Mentions

  • Teen Daze (Electronic-ish Indie) - @ Pianos - 10:00PM

  • Delicate Steve (Lyricless Guitar Indie) - @ Marlin Room at Webster Hall - 11:45PM

And lastly, here’s our ATV CMJ Playlist. Check back tomorrow for more CMJ 2012.