Staff Picks 03: Jordan Tomb & Imagine Dragons

Our Anniversary Blog series continues with AltarTV’s Chief Editor Jordan Tomb & our good friends in Imagine Dragons. 

"Imagine Dragons. That should be enough, right?

Shooting Here, Now with Imagine Dragons was as challenging as it was fun. It was the pilot of the Here, Now series and happened to be with a band that we knew very little about. They had opened for The Jezebels in Pittsburgh only a few weeks prior to our shoot. At that show, there were about fifty people in the small, cramped room.

When we got to Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati to shoot Here, Now, they were playing at an outdoor stage for a huge crowd with no walls. That makes a huge difference. Fans were incredibly engaged and the band delivered one of the most chilling performances that I had ever witnessed. And not just because it was pouring rain.

After the set was over and Phil (Atkins, DP) grabbed the last shot of the day, I wrote a note in my phone. Under the date, it said “Imagine Dragons just finished their set at Bunbury Festival. This band is about to blow up. Remember this day.”

But I didn’t need the note. I haven’t forgotten and don’t think I ever will. 

We traveled back to Pittsburgh after finishing coverage of the festival and set up our editing pipeline. It was clear that Imagine Dragons had to be completed ASAP. My head was spinning with ideas of how this video could be put together. I was so excited to get to work. I couldn’t believe that we had been so fortunate to capture such interesting footage. A great interview, genuine reactions to fans, a spit take, a haunting pre-show warm-up, and a truly incredible show.

I had everything I needed. I didn’t leave my desk for thirty two hours. (That’s a lie, I slept in a back room of our office for four hours at one point before I starting color correcting and grading the video.) 

When the sound was mixed, the graphics were added, and the video was done, everyone in the office watched it a few times, making sure there were no glaring errors before we sent it out. Then we sent it out. 

Since creating that video, Imagine Dragons has had more success than the little note in my phone could have possibly predicted. I am truly humbled to have gotten to work with such an amazing group (twice now) and can’t wait to see their impact on their fans in the future. For me, my moment of the year was a clear choice. Working on Imagine Dragons Here, Now episode made me feel like I was on top of the world (‘ay). You know, like the song.”

-Jordan Tomb, @JordanTomb, Chief Editor at AltarTV 

Check back next week for another Staff Pick favorite from Year One.